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Why private charter?

Charters are benefits of a private flight without a large investment in the purchase of an airplane.
Thanks to Volanti, charter is a minimum of formalities, quick quotes and discreet booking.

Time is money

You can arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before departure, without wasting time in queues for control. This is the captain and airport staff who are waiting for you.

Freedom of choice

Specify your own flight schedule, and if necessary, modify it to your current needs. This plane is waiting for you.

No restrictions

Ski, bike, pet, golf equipment, drinks box, pack of friends ... when the whole plane is just for you, you do not have to limit yourself.

The world is so close

Instead of 200 European airports available for commercial flights, you choose from over 4000 airports available for private flights in Volanti.

How Air Taxi works?

Volanti is a portal where needs of Aircraft Owners, Pilots and Passengers meet.

VIP passengers have a fleet of private aircraft at their disposal.
Pilots are excited about the diversity of destinations.
Aircraft owners reduce maintenance costs.

Volanti calculate cost of charters and propose the best connection.
The algorithm includes the planned location of planes, pilot schedule, range of machines, airport charges, parking fees, customs clearance and other parameters.
Thanks to an advanced computing cloud, the pricing is ready right away, and the reservation can be made with 3 clicks.

This technological revolution is the fastest pricing for private charter flights.

Volanti Partners

Our partners make great experiences by offering theirs service and expertise. Thank you!