Airplane: Gulfstream G280

7 100 €
Travel time
1 h 58 m
688 km/h
1190 km
1 h 58 m 14 Apr
Moskwa 12:58 Warszawa

Gulfstream G280 is a business jet offering passengers a spacious and luxurious space in the cabin.

In a cruise, you can take up to 9 passengers plus 3 crew members. On the plane, the traveling and living-sleeping areas were arranged. There is also a bathroom and catering served by the stewardess.

The cabin height of 6ft 3 in (191 cm) allows most people to move freely during the flight.
The luggage compartment has 3.4 m³ of luggage space that is available to passengers even during flight.

The main features of this jet:

  • lounge and seating area
  • crew available: 2 pilots and a flight attendant
  • high speed up to 0.85 of sound speed (893 km/h)
  • 20 meters long and 19 oval windows

Market price: ~ $ 25 million

The detailed specification is available on the manufacturer's website

7 100 €